100 Ways To Live A Better Life

Writing a viral post is one thing, but writing an entire book is a completely different thing. Funny how our best moments in life are the results of interactions with our peers.


After I wrote the initial post as a response to a challenge, I took another one: namely, who writes more ebooks in one month. That one really stretched me out. After more sleepless nights that I can even remember, I won the

challenge. 2 of the ebooks written that month are featured on this website.

Long story short: I wrote and self-published 100 Ways To Live A Better Life in a few months, as a result of human interaction. Talking with other people and engaging in interaction is really good for you, you know? Of course you know, otherwise why would you be reading this?

How To Read This Book

The short answer: any way you want. The long answer: this book contains 100 mini-chapters which are not interwoven. You can just open it randomly and just focus on one chapter. Or you can read two, three in a row, or you can even make a healthy habit out of reading one chapter each day.

How To Get This Book

Well, you got options. You can get it as a PDF, instantly downloadable to your computer, you can get it as a Kindle book, printed book (on Amazon), iBookStore, or even translated in Korean or as a Korean interactive app. Make your pick:

Read it as PDF Read it on iPhone / iPad Read it on Kindle


Printed (Amazon) $6.99

Korean translation (printed) $4.99

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